Wednesday Tweetstorms
Start 11:00am London time, every Wednesday. The storms generally last 2-4 hours. The storms are designed to draw peoples attention to what is intentionally occurring in our sky.

Use the #OpChemtrails hashtag in conjunction with #chemtrails #geoengineering hashtags. Tweet Fridays & Saturdays where ever you are. The @OpChemtrails account will be set to tweet tweets from the pastebin archives.

the pastebins are not currently being updated.
All archives - hosted via google drive, view and/or download individual pastebins or all pastebins.
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OpChemtrails Intro Page & Flight Manual.

(Also see Disinformation Page) OpChemtrails will not engage with troll/shills. These are people who only engage you to waste your time or to amuse themselves; these are not people who engage you for open discussion about Chemtrails or GeoEngineering, they are simply trying to distract you from the Op and/or your cause. We highly recommend blocking and reporting trolls/shills. If you encounter trolls that continue to harass you please let us know so we can add them to our Troll Blocker List.

Page Archives:
- Help inform & spread awareness about Chemtrails, Cut+Paste+Tweet (RT's also appreciated)

- If you post duplicate tweets within a 24 hour period your account may be identified as a spam or bot account, and will be suspended by twitter

- You can COPY any tweet tagged with #OpChemtrails from the OpChemtrails account, and post it to your timeline as your own tweet

- If you tweet every 20 minutes (in 24hrs) you're less likely 2 end up in Twitter TimeOut.

- Make your own Chemtrails Geoengineering Tweets and tag them with #OpChemtrails

- Having # or @ at the start of a tweet means it may not appear on the public timeline. If your tweet has a # or @ at the start, simply put a . (full-stop) before it to ensure your tweet is seen by more tweeters.