Feb 28, 2016



Definition of disinformation 
: false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumours) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth

One aspect of Geoengineering Activism that many people don't realize and that we would like to highlight is Disinformation; both the amount of disinformation and the sheer number of disinformationists (aka trolls, shills) that dedicate untold hours to harassing activists, posting hoax information, and promoting disinformation, is astounding.

Many of the sites below have been created by people who have a long term, thorough understanding of the 'Good, Bad & Ugly' side of Geoengineering Activism; we highly recommend visiting these sites to gain a better understanding of:
  • how disinformationists work, 
  • who they are,
  • why they do what they do, and
  • how to best deal with disinformationists when confronted by one.
The Anatomy of Political Slavespeak

Disinformation Directory

Modalities of Disinformation: How They Make You Believe A Lie

Propaganda, The News, and Activism

The Co-opting of a Movement

Beware when reposting info 
Here are some examples of disinformation used to discredit the Geoengineering Activist community.

This image is clearly edited. See the difference in angle used for the font/word Chemtrails.
Chemtrail plane reportedly shot down in China; News sources also report this to be a crash at Point Mugu Naval Base, Ventura County (2011).

A known meme created as a hoax.
BUSTED Pilot Forgets To Turn Off Chemtrails While Landing

Aerial Chemtrail Vaccines: Australia Forcibly Vaccinates By Intentional Controlled Release of Aerosolized GMO Vaccine (PaxVax)
See: The option of aerial trials to administer the vaccine were considered, however, “The vaccine (PaxVax) will be administered by qualified health professionals in clinical facilities. Clinical trial participants will be given the vaccine as a drink. The vaccine will not be injected into participants and it will not be sprayed into the air.” https://www.ogtr.gov.au/internet/ogtr/publishing.nsf/Content/dir126qa4-htm

Dealing with Trolls:

Internet trolls are 'sadistic psychopaths who get a kick out of abusing people online'

Also see our Troll Blocker List on Twitter so that you can easily avoid known persistent OpChemtrails Trolls.